Selected Photos from Reclaiming American Cities

Except for the Front Cover and Figure 5-2, the following images were taken by the author and may be reproduced for noncommercial purposes with appropriate credit to Rutherford H. Platt.)

Front Cover

Portraits of Jane Addams (top); Senator Paul Douglas (left); Jane Jacobs (right); and Will Allen (bottom). Lower background is an excerpt from 1909 photograph of downtown Chicago (b y permission of Chicago Historical Museum). The upper background was taken by the author at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, Chicago, ca. 2011.

Figure 3.3: Dan Ryan Expressway

"Urban Meat Axe": Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway followed an engineer's alignment straight through everything in its path, isolating neighborhoods left on either side, ca. 1972.

Figure 4.2: Suburban Kudzu

Sprawl as Kudzu - Recent commercial development facilitated by tax policies covers natural land surface with pavement and flat rooftops.

Figure 5.2: Saving the Dunes

Senator Paul H. Douglas (center), the chief sponsor of the Indiana Dunes park bills in Congress, with members of the Save-the-Dunes Council in 1958.

Figure 6.1: Highway visual Clutter

Visual clutter along arterial highway, Anywhere, USA.

Figure 7.4:

Mayor Richard M. Daley's signature green roof atop Chicago's City Hall. The far side of the roof, above the Cook County half of the building, remains asphalt.

Figure 8.4: The New York City High Line

The High Line--a linear oasis for walking and sitting (no cycling) amid the eclectic surroundings of Manhattan's Lower West Side.

Figure 9.3: Buffalo Bayou, Houston

Replacing concrete with greenways along Buffalo Bayou near downtown Houston, ca. 2008.

Figure 10.6: Will Allen, Growing Power

Will Allen, Founder and CEO of Growing Power, Milwaukee, ca. 2005.

Back Cover

Wall mural at Logan Square, Chicago by the author, ca. 2010.